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Sleep and Wakeって、センテンスとしてまちがってないですか??
Your biological clock helps you to know when to eat and when to sleep. 使役動詞のhelpは、後に続くのはto doでもdoでもどちらでも構わないと習いました。 ? つまり、上の例文ですと、helps you knowで良いということですか? ? 上の例文を、when to eat and sleepに省略するのはダメですか?
I like to sleep during my weekend and on my off days. この分に”最も”という意味を加えてください。
He went on to say that nothing contributes to the growth and health of children like sleep. これを訳してください!
「 I just woke up and all I want to do is go back to sleep 」 和訳お願いします。
you should sleep early and eat breakfastは第何文型ですか? また、どこがSでどこがVでどこがOですか?
. oing to bed early and having regular sleep is also good for your mental health and self-image. In the survey, most early risers said that they were happy with who they are, ile most late risers had a more negative self-image. The survey also showed that using rtphone right before sleeping disturbs regular sleep and the ability to wake up sma early. Perhaps the most revealing result from the survey is that early risers tended to have higher test scores than late risers. Clearly, common irregular sleeping habits are affecting the lives of young Japanese students. を訳してください
Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you all the time honey. 機能でもわかりずらいので、英語が得意な方教えてください!
And I'm sorry for sending you an chat late at night.sleep Tight(。・ω・。)ノシと送ったら don't worry it's fine. have nice day talk to you laterと来たのですが、 have nice day talk to you laterはどういう意味ですか?
They move around during the night and sleep during the day. 彼らは夜の間は動き回り、昼の間は眠る。 何故nightの前とdayの前にtheが必要なんですか?
These days ( does , work , is , all , he ) and sleep . Margaret ( a . through . trouble . lot of . went ) この二つを並び替えしてください
This happened to my parents. We were at home and it was night time so my brothers and I had already gone to sleep. My parents had apparently decided to rent a movie and watch it wh ile we had been asleep. While they had been watching the movie, suddenly the volume turned up to full when neither of them had the remote. なぜ全体的に過去完了がつかわれているのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします。
〜, people become less sharp at 〇〇 and 〇〇, and 〇〇 and memory suffer. ここでのsufferの品詞はなんですか? 考え方も教えてください
Nearly one-half of the participants reported reduction in pain and sleep medications 3 months after completing the study, which is a notable benefit in a group that may be prone to side effects. の日本語訳を教えてください
down and sleep の訳、意味を教えてください! 大体は分かりますがこういう表現もあるということでしょうか?
PHPのPOST送信で困っています。 まず、html側で <html> <form method="post" action="control.php" id="input"> <input type="text" name="testtext" value=""> <input type="submit" value="ボタン1" name="button1"><br> </form> </html> とし、 PHP側(control.php)で、 <?php if (isset($_POST['button1'])) { //ボタン1の時の処理 exit; } ?> とすると、ボタン1をクリックしたときに、「ボタン1の時の処理」が行われます。 では、≪3秒後に「ボタン1の時の処理」を実行≫したいとき、 sleep(3);の後に何を書けばよいでしょうか?
By means of my excitement about the interview tomorrow and the noise from upstairs , i couldn't sleep 違う部分が1つあるのですがどの単語でしょうか?
It is said that regular meals , enough sleep, and moderately exercises are essential to maintain your health, however, it is hard to practice these things. 健康の維持にはきちんとした食生活、十分な睡眠、適度な運動が不可欠だと言われるが、これらをすべて満たすのは難しい。 この英訳はあってますか? 添削お願いします
and thenの後には前の分と同じような意味がきますか?それとも、butなどのように反対のものがきたりするんですか?
He maintains it is biologically instinctive and innate and that it is the ideal of the modern-era condensed eight hour sleep regime that is exceptional. の文構造が訳を見てもよくわかりません。 教えてくださると嬉しいです。 「それ(夜間の覚醒)は、生物学上、本能的で生得のものであり、例外的なのは凝縮された8時間睡眠による現代的養生法という理想の方だと、彼は主張する。」 特に、なぜthat is exceptionalがなぜこの位置で主語的な役割をできるのか教えて欲しいです。
The depth and amount of your sleep と How long and how deeply we sleep に関する質問なのですが、 このどちらかを主語に おいた場合 前者は複数系と扱われ、 後者は単数形と扱われ ていたのですが 私は見分け方がわからないです(´・ω・`) どなたか教えていただけませんか?
Second, koalas need big trees in which they can sleep and bring up their cubs.
I have my cat since her birth. I first had her mom who give birth to 3 kittens. Too bad she got hit by a car and got in a coma the only thing to do was to let her sleep in. So i'm stuck with this one who is worse then her mother when it comes to being annoying 最後の一文がイマイチわかりません!どなたか日本語に訳してください!
Do you take care something to get enough sleep for your health? And how? どなたかこの質問に答えてくださるとありがたいです。よろしくお願いします。
Young whales and dolphins sleep while their mother swims, pulling them along in her slipstream. 、 このalongの意味が分かりません!
This occurs between stages of light and deep sleep. これは浅い睡眠の段階と深い睡眠の段階の間で起こる この文はなぜ「浅く深い睡眠」という訳にならないんですか?(意味的におかしいですが) andの働きがよくわかりません。 バカにもわかるよう説明お願いします。。。
「It's like 8pm but I'm gonna escape and sleep before this day becomes even shittier. Although I doubt it's even possible. 」 和訳お願いします。
Second, koalas need big trees in which they can sleep and bring up their cubs. この文のbring は分詞か動名詞か教えてください。
「あなたは後でビールを飲む事が出来るよ。 そして、布団で眠る事が出来るよ。」 をネット英訳を参考に英文にしたのですがおかしくないでしょうか?特に「布団で眠る事が出来るよ」が良く分からないのですが宜しくおねがい致します。 You can drink a beer later. and It is possible to sleep in futon.
下の英文の、日本語訳をお願いします。 ?We spend about one third of our lives sleeping and about one fourth of that time dreaming. ?Sleep -it is mysterious, and a favorite subject of art, literature, philosophy, and science. ?It is often said that we need to sleep soundly for about eight hours each night. ?But research shows that different adults need different amounts of sleep, from about five to 10 hours per night. ?And the average length of sleep time is said to be about seven and a half hours. ?Research also shows that teenagers still need as much sleep as they did when they were in their preteens. ?Many teenagers, however, do not get enough sleep. ?This is because they tend to go to bed very late and get up early on weekdays. ?Actually, one fourth of teenagers sleep for only six and a half hours or even less on these days. ?There is no doubt that they are suffering from lack of sleep. ?We need enough sleep to think, learn, and react appropriately. ?Some of you may have heard of sleep learning -learning by listening to sound recordings while you are sleeping. ?This learning method however, is not something that really works. ?When you see your classmates sleeping in a classroom, it is obvious that they are not learning! コイン500枚にしました。 お願いします。
And can't believe today morning you sleep sooooo late 日本語訳おねがいします
His tongue felt furry and numbed by sleep これの訳をお願いします。 文章がかなり抽象的な内容なので直訳で大丈夫です。
During REM sleep you actively dream and your heart rate and breathing grow rather unstable. 訳せなくて困ってます(ノ_・。)
I do not watch and sleep 等位接続詞の使い方の質問ですが上の文だと ?私はTVを見ないで寝る ?私はTVを見るけど寝ない の二つの意味でだけでよいのでしょうか?
英語の質問です。和訳をお願いしますm(_ _)m Human beings evolved, we are told, to sleep the sun goes down and wake up at dawn, and it is only the invention of technologies like electric lights and television that have encouraged people to stay up late.
ラナデルレイのheroinを和訳してください!よろしくお願い致します。翻訳等は使わないで頂きたいです。 "Heroin" Topanga is hot tonight, the city by the bay Has movie stars and liq uor stores and soft decay The rumbling from distant shores sends me to sleep But the facts of life, can sometimes make it hard to dream Life rocked me like Motley Grabbed me by the ribbons in my hair Life rocked me, ultra-softly Like the heavy metal that you wear I'm flying to the moon again Dreaming about heroin How it gave you everything And took your life away I put you on an aeroplane Destined for a foreign land I hoped that you'd come back again And tell me everything's Okay eh, eh, babe, yeah Topanga is hot today Manson's in the air And all my friends have gone 'Cause they still feel him here I want to leave I'll probably stay another year It's hard to leave when absolutely nothing's clear Life rocked me like Motley Bad beginning to my new year Life rocked me, ultra-softly Like the heavy metal that you hear I'm flying to the moon again Dreaming about heroin And how it gave you everything And took your life away I put you on the aeroplane Destined for a foreign land I thought that you'd come back again To tell me everything's Okay eh, eh, babe, yeah It's fucking hot, hot Winter in the city Something 'bout this weather made these kids go crazy It's hot, even for February Something 'bout this sun has made these kids get scary Oh, writing in blood on my walls and shit Like Oh, oh my god Dripping off from the walls into the ducts and shit Oh, ho ho ho, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sick of it Lead me baby Come on Come on Come on Come on I'm flying to the moon again Dreaming about marzipan Taking all my medicine To take my thoughts away I'm getting on that aeroplane Leaving my old man again I hope that I come back one day To tell you that I Really changed Baby It's hot, hot Something 'bout the city Don't know what it is It makes my head get crazy Oh, oh, oh Makes me feel like I can change Oh, hoh, hoh, hoh All of my evil ways and shit Hmm, hmm Oh, oh, oh I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sick of it
日本語の「おやすみなさい」にあたる英語の一つに、“Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.” というのがあるようですが、清潔なベッドでもそう言うのでしょうか。
次の文を和訳してください Life is all change and challenge. Here is a Joe, who is a baby. Will he be able to settle down to a quiet life of milk and sleep and love? I do not t hink he will! Hardly has he got used to being in the world before life faces him with two big challenges,that is,to learn to stand and to learn to walk
Rest and sleepを主語にした場合、続くbe動詞はisですか、areですか?
英語のコンマ( , )について 以前、ここで質問した際にコンマ( , )には接続詞の役割がない(SV,Vはできない)と言っていたのですが、その後に読んだ長文でコンマ( , )を使ってSV,Vになっている文章をいくつか見ました。 質問? SV,Vのようにコンマを接続詞のように用いることは可能なのでしょうか(授業では同格と言っていました)? 質問? もし、接続詞として使えるならば、 今までは和訳を解く際の構文解釈でコンマも手がかりにしていましたが、それもできないってことですよね? 今までの例: SV,Vを見たとき、コンマは接続詞になれない??しかし2文繋いでるから、どこかに接続詞あるはず??前文の中に接続詞がある
「I will sleep and be relaxed for a long time.」これは、「私は長時間、寝てリラックスするだろう。」という意味になりますか?また、違うところをなおしていただきたいです!
For headache, it's advisable to sleep and take medicine. For headache, it's advisable sleeping and taking medicine. なぜ、ing形は使えないのですか? 以下の形になると言 われたのですが、理由が分かりません。 Taking some medicine is advisable for headache. よろしくお願いします。
I have to remind him to get enoupgh sleep and eat well. は 「私は彼に十分な睡眠をとり、よく食べる事を思い出させた。」と訳は正しいですか?
日本語訳お願いします! But I couldn’t get to sleep,and when I did doze off, I woke up every half hour or so.
Speaking of which I will have to go to sleep. I got college tomorrow and can't be late, learning more history as well asl. Though I will leave you with three questions. First question, if you could become a rockstar what would be your first thing to do? Second, if you could have anything in the world what would it be? Third question, what is the most disinteresting thing on the planet? なんと言っていますか?
健康を維持するためには休息と睡眠が必要です。 を Rest and sleep are indispensable to you stay healthy.とするのはおkですか? 添削お願いします
英語のできる方。お手数お掛けしますが答えを教えていただけないでしょうか。よろしくお願いします。 空所に入る最も適切な語句を???から1つずつ選んでください。 I hear you ( ) haven't finished your report. The teacher is going to be very angry. ?already ?so far ?still ?yet Has Tom ( ) been to New York in his life? ?already ?since ?ever ?yet Last summer she left the company that she had joined ( ). ?five years before ?five years ago ?since five years ?before five years I was so late arriving at the airport yesterday that I ( ) had time to do any souvenir shopping. ?almost ?scarcely ?nearly ?seldom He ( ) studied but he passed the entrance examination easily. ?nearly ?rarely ?accordingly ?always He ( ) visits me even though he lives nearby. ?seldom ?little ?somewhat ?slightly Mother has not been feeling well ( ). ?late ?lately ?later ?latter The better hit the ball ( ) into the air. ?height ?heighten ?high ?highly Please be here at seven ( ) tomorrow morning. ?exact ?just ?precise ?sharp There are many things that I want to do after the examination, but ( ) I just want to sleep! ?first ?at first ?from the first ?for the first time Hurry up. ( ) we'll miss the train. ?And ?Hence ?Otherwise ?Sooner My father is strict about manners, but ( ) he is very tolerant. ?however ?somehow ?otherwise ?yet 以下の英文の( )には間違っている箇所がそれぞれ1つずつあります。その番号を指摘した上で正しい形に直してください。 Many adults (?take) vitamins every day, but they do hardly (?nothing) about the (?excess)weight that (?threatens) their health. I (?fell)(?asleep)( ?soon) after (?getting to) home. 次の日本文の意味になるように( )の語または語句を並び替えて下さい。 その痛みは、本当に我慢できなかった。 I (could / endure / hardly / pain / the ). 今朝、学生のほとんどがもう少しで列車に乗り遅れるところだった。 This morning (missed /almost / the / most / train / the student / of ).
We have adapted to a lifestyle where we sleep during nights and stay awake during the day の "where" はなぜ"which" ではないのですか?
Second, koalas need big trees in which they can sleep and bring up their cubs. この文は第何文型になるか教えてください。 解説もお願いします。
理想的には一晩に6-8時間の睡眠を取るのがよい Ideally,we should get ()a night.?between?hours?of?six and eight?sleep その販売計画がもとになって社内に新たな部署が創設された The sales plaan ()a new department in the company. The budget of the stationary was cut off (アwithイbyウfor)10%this year 熟語や文法上の解説教えて下さいお願い致しますm(__)m

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